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As coaches, we believe that all great discoveries and breakthroughs are preceded by curiosity, and we are delighted that your curiosity has led you to us.

Please accept our invitation to come, explore, discover, learn, and grow.

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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Join us for a panel discussion on health and wellness.  We’ll hear from three different practitioners from The Center for Mind, Body & Spirit discuss a variety of treatment modalities.  

This month's topic relates directly to two ICF Core Competencies:

1d. Refers client to another support professional as needed, knowing when this is needed and the available resources.

 10d. Helps the client identify and access different resources for learning (e.g., books, other professionals)

 You will earn 1.5 Core Competency CEU’s for attending this presentation.

Just like a practicing physician would have a list of specialists to refer their patients to, it's important that we as coaches have a list of other professionals with different treatment modalities that we can refer clients to or better direct people to services that provide solutions for them.


Joining us for an interactive presentation and panel discussion will be experts from The Center for Mind, Body, and Spirit. They will be discussing topics such as Chiropractic Care, Massage Therapy, Acupuncture, Transformational Breathwork, Energy Work and others. They will also discuss particular symptoms or ways in which their treatment could work in partnership with coaching.

 The Center for mind body spiritPlease join us with your questions, open minds and come ready to create some referral partnerships.

About The Center For Mind, Body & Spirit  

The Center For Mind, Body & Spirit is a holistic wellness center established by Deborah Zorensky, RD, LD, CCN and Linda Duff, Min. Div.  After working with clients for years as an intuitive, Linda Duff saw the need for an integrated approach to help her clients.  She was suggesting to clients to visit two or three different healthcare providers in town and saw that frequently the different providers did not work together in diagnosing and healing Linda's clients.  Her vision of The Center for Mind, Body & Spirit was born out of this frustration.  In the Summer of 2001, Linda pulled together four women to discuss what was needed.  In the late fall of 2001, Linda and Deborah opened The Center for Mind, Body & Spirit in a small upstairs space in Webster Groves.

Three and a half years later, Linda and Deborah decided to move into larger quarters, add more modalities and providers, including offering retail that fits into the vision of eco and/or spiritual items.  On May 4, 2005 The Center for Mind, Body & Spirit was opened at 7649 Delmar Boulevard.  They presently offer more than 10 types of Modalities, including Massages, Facials, Energy Work, Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Meditation, Nutrition, Transformational Breathwork, Trauma Releasing Exercises, Trauma Release, Life Coaching, Intuitive Readings, Astrological Readings, Work in the Shamanic Tradition, Oriental Medicine and Reflexology.

 Linda passed away on June 10, 2007.  It was from her vision that The Center for Mind, Body & Spirit was born.  We, at The Center, are  proud to keep Linda's creation evolving. 


Shelby Corson, LMT

Shelby is a certified Massage Therapist and Transformational Breathwork Facilitator.  She enjoys working with people battling chronic pain issues.  Shelby specializes in Myofascial Release mixed with energy work and other modalities that come to her while working.  She is trained in Pre-natal massage, shiatsu, trigger point therapy and myofascial release (trained by someone who trained in the John Barnes method) and Swedish Massage.

Her real passion has become Transformational Breathing. 


Brian Harasha, DC

Brian received his doctor of Chiropractic degree and Acupuncture certification from Logan College of Chiropractic in 2000.  He graduated valedictorian of his class.  Brian specializes in gentle models of chiropractic such as Sacro-Occipital Technique (SOT), and Logan Basic.  His Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine background include Certification in Acupuncture Orthopedics and extensive work with Chinese Herbal formulas under the direction of Dr. Guo of the Chicago School of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  He also has an in depth interest and practice of eastern systems like yoga, meditation, Ayuveda and Tai Chi/Qigong.  His extensive academic background combined with an intuitive awareness and compassion for his Practice Members are great allies in the pursuit of wellness.


Johana, Reiki, Shamanic Healing; Past Lives/Karma Clearing; Medium/Intuitive  

Born and raised in Guatemala, Johana began her journey at the age of  ten communicating with spirit and channeling energy to heal others.  Johana speaks a language that few can understand, but is universal to all. She has shared her abilities as a teacher, a missionary (serving orphanages), and a child advocate for families who have suffered torture and abuse.  These experiences have, in turn, given Johana the unique opportunity to integrate a wide range of inner-healing practices.  As a fitness coach with yoga certification, she also  understands the mechanics of the physical body and how they impact a person's energetic field

Johana is a medium, multi-intuitive, and shamanic healer.  She connects directly with Spirit and your higher self to identify the blocks and barriers that impede your soul growth  and stand in the way of a joyful, purposeful life.  She facilitates healing on all levels of the body (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) through past-life and karma clearing, medium channeling, and therapeutic-touch or energy healing.  She also teaches you how to connect to your physical body, using breathing and movement techniques, to harmonize your vibrations and maintain stability within your energetic field.

Her heart-centered, multi-dimensional approach integrates and restores the balance of your energy through your whole self so you can release that which does not serve you and embrace the higher potential within yourself.  

The meeting will be free to members.  

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