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Tuesday, July 22, 2014 Meeting

Joe Mannion

 Speaker: Joe Mannion

Topic:    The Practice of Mindfulness in Coaching

Description:  Joe Mannion is a Sport and High Performance Psychology Consultant who works with athletes, coaches, executives and entrepreneurs to help them perform at a higher level, more consistently, and with greater satisfaction and well-being. 

“As much as clients desire and feel comfortable, we build on existing mental skills and strengths and identify and work through potential obstacles to desired goals, whether cognitive (e.g., beliefs), emotional (e.g., anxieties), behavioral (e.g., habits), or interpersonal.

I have a special interest in mindfulness-based approaches and am grateful to have contributed to peer-reviewed sport & performance psychology conference workshops & publications in the area. Although not a panacea, mindfulness has been shown to enhance  Development of an approach-style to challenge (vs avoidance), Goal setting & attainment,  Key mental skills (e.g., focus, perseverance), Relaxation,  Impulse control, Leadership & communication, Presence & interpersonal attunement, Performance under pressure and resilience …and a host of factors that can influence success & happiness.  “

Join us on Tuesday, July 22nd to hear Joe share his insights, stories, knowledge and experience during a conversational and interactive presentation introducing the practice of mindfulness in coaching. 

Topics include:

  • Defining mindfulness
  • What distinguishes mindfulness from other types of awareness
  • Compelling sport-performance, health psychology and neuroimaging research findings
  • Mindfully optimizing patterns of collaborative relationships
  • The effects of mindfulness on collaborative relationships and share some mindfulness exercises. 

Joe would like to know if you have anything in particular you would like him to discuss.  Please email him directly at  You can learn more about him from his website: 

 You don’t want to miss this special engagement!  

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The meeting will be free to members.  

Cost: $20.00 non-members and *first time visitors.

*This is an exception to our usual policy.  First time visitors will be invited to attend at no cost once again at our next scheduled meeting (September 23, 2014).

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What Date: July 22, 2014
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Where:  The Heights in Richmond Heights, 8001 Dale Avenue, Richmond Heights, MO 63117

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