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Tuesday, October 28, 2014 
1.5 CCEU's offered - This is a Sample Document - Attendees receive for attending

Advanced Communication Skills for  Coaches

1.5 Core Competency CEU’s                                                                                                                                                  

Advanced Communication Skills for  Coaches Ellen L. Moran

Coaches have the challenge of dealing effectively with clients who have very different communication filters and motivations. Success requires an ability to construct messages that resonate with the below conscious motivational drivers of their audience. In this event participants learn to use a set of tools (LAB Profile®) for decoding how people think, are motivated and are likely to behave in a variety of situations. A guiding principle is that “if you want people to get on the bus with you, you need to meet them at their bus stop”.
Participants learn to ask simple questions that reveal cues to what motivates themselves and others in any situation. They then adapt their messages using the correct language to establish deep rapport and open others to their messages while also preventing or defusing conflict.  (Note: This event is considered an introduction to the advanced communication skills for coaches)

Learning Objectives

  • Learn how to listen for and to elicit values and motivational patterns in individuals and groups in any context and use them to build rapport in everyday conversation and formal presentations.
  • Understand ways that using the wrong language patterns can unintentionally create resistance to a person’s message and impair trust.  Detect when this occurs and shift the message to one that is motivational.
  • Understand and practice the application of motivation patterns to a variety of common communication and motivation challenges.  Help clients:
  • Achieve better collaboration with individual colleagues, functional groups and customers
  • Effectively manage up—better understand and communicate with supervisors
  • Build more effective communications to drive change and avoid common pitfalls that actually increase resistance
  • Understand and synergize the differing motivations of team members as well as help resolve team communication breakdowns
  • Deliver “bad news” in ways that maintain positive motivation

About Our Speaker

Ellen L. Moran, Ph.D.

Ellen Moran is a business psychologist and executive coach.  Her clients range from global corporations in the US and Europe to small privately held and family businesses.  She has led the assessment and coaching components of several leadership development programs for senior executives and high potentials of companies in diverse industries.

Among her current and recent clients are companies in the pharmaceutical, defense, automotive, construction, healthcare, financial services, consumer products, specialty chemicals, commercial aviation, newspaper publishing and performance improvement industries. She also has experience with not-for-profit organizations as both a consultant and a board member.With her background in the German language she has led and participated in cross-cultural leadership development programs in Germany and Switzerland.  She is currently partnered with a German consulting firm in teaching strategic, business consulting skills to IT professionals.

She works with executives and companies to:

•    Identify and accelerate the potential of top leaders
•    Select leaders who have the right capabilities for the role
•    Uncover the right things to do to boost individual/team productivity and performance
•    Determine leaders’ optimal career paths based on their natural talents  
•    Use the right language to build rapport, influence others and manage change  
•    Uncover and resolve communication challenges with individuals, teams and across departments  
•    Equip leaders to evaluate their organizational culture and accelerate their ability to lead change
•    Identify and remove limiting beliefs that interfere with the performance of leaders and teams

In 1976 she received her Ph.D. degree in psychology from St. Louis University. Early in her career (1969) she held an assistantship in the clinical psychology department at the University of Munich.

She spent the first 15 years of her career in the practice of counseling and psychological assessment.  In 1990 she joined Drake Beam Morin as a contractor for executive career assessment.  From 1991-2001 she was a senior associate with Colarelli, Meyer & Associates, an OD and assessment firm in St. Louis.  In 2001 she formed her own company, Leadership Dialogues, LLC.

Her interest in the field of business coaching led her to collaborate with the founder of B-Coach Partners LLP to launch The Executive Program, a virtual executive coach-training program. She is also certified in Results Coaching, a process which applies findings from contemporary neuroscience to accelerating personal and professional development. She holds certifications in multiple assessment technologies and serves as faculty for Mercer Delta’s Executive Learning Center.  Her professional affiliations include the American Psychological Association, Neuroleadership Institute, and the Society of Consulting Psychologists.  She also serves on the board of the Institute for Work Attitude and Motivation.  Her company is a recent member of the German American Chamber of Commerce of the Midwest (GACCOM.ORG).

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