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President's Corner

Your Gifts, Your Talents, YOUR Chapter
By Nicki McClusky, PCC, BCC, CTPC
Posted: 2017-07-02T16:49:00Z



When we look around the room at our ICF St. Louis chapter programs, we see a vast array of individuals who possess amazing gifts and talents.  The collective life experiences within our group could fill books if we took the time to document them.  Imagine learning about all the paths travelled---especially our journeys within the coaching profession and how we became coaches. 


The gifts and talents utilized by you, our members, on a daily basis are really quite remarkable, even though you may take them for granted.  Well, let’s take a minute and value these wonderful things you possess.  Additionally, consider how you might want to use one or more of your talents or gifts to make your coaching chapter even better than it is. 

Contribute One Thing


As we keep moving ahead in becoming a ‘thriving chapter,’ I want to encourage you to give some thought to how you might contribute one thing to your/our chapter:


  • Some of you are natural-born leaders while others of you have studied how to lead very effectively:  you’d like to serve on the Leadership Team in a capacity that uses your gifts/talents next year.
  • If you’re a writer, perhaps you’d like to work with the Program Directors, helping to write up the promo material for our monthly speakers.
  • You might want to scout out coaching articles that we’d put up on our website.
  • Someone else might offer to be in charge of snacks, working with the Membership Director and Secretary to provide them.
  • Perhaps you’re talented in the finance area; you might want to help the treasurer prepare our annual report to ICF.
  • You like to inspire your colleagues:  you could help the Membership Chair/Director during membership renewal month, make calls and reach out to coaches needing to renew their local and/or ICF dues.
  • You love to plan parties; you’ll work with the Membership Director (and Leadership Team) to put together our annual Holiday party.  Perhaps you’ll initiate creating other social events for our group.
  • You might want to volunteer to lead Probono Coaching of Nonprofit Executives/staff during the ICF celebratory week of International Coaching.
  • Maybe you’d like to help spread the word about coaching in our local area;  you might want to be in charge of a ICF St. Louis booth at a trade show.
  • You’d like to see us offer 4 daytime programs; you volunteer to help lead this (or one of them) and secure a venue with the help of the L.T.
  • You’re a young coach and would like to see more young coaches become members in our group; you design a project to make that happen.
  • You want to do something in the limited amount of time you have, so you partner-up with another coach to contribute your “one thing.”
  • You have a Signature Presentation that you’d like to give our members; you secure an application to “present” and get that to the Program Director, pronto!
  • You’re a photographer or videographer; you offer to take pictures for us, or video-tape appropriate presentations.
  • You love to chat with other coaches; you help set up “coaching cafes” at coffee shops where coaches can gather and discuss whatever is on their minds.


There are so many ways you could contribute one thing to this chapter that supports you and strives to serve you well.  Tim Dean, for example, takes care of Twitter for us; that’s his “one thing” that we really appreciate.


Your current Leadership Team has worked hard behind the scenes for over a year and a half to provide solid, interesting educational programming.  We’ve also been very focused on creating a warm and welcoming community---one in which you feel valued and known.  And we’re still having fun leading the chapter!  It truly is a privilege to contribute to a group such as ours.


And now it’s time for you to think ahead as to which of your talents and gifts you’ll contribute:  after all, your chapter belongs to you!  In December, we’ll pass the torch to a whole new Leadership Team and other volunteers.  Make sure you’re included---ready to do one thing---or maybe more