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Julie Bergfeld 

Julie Bergfeld Coaching  
Frontenac, MO

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Frontenac, MO
Julie Bergfeld Coaching
512 High Meadow Rd
Frontenac, MO 63131

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Certified by a professional coach training school
Master's degree
ACC - 100+ client hrs with certification


Julie is a Wellness, Habit and Life Coach, specializing in performance, stress relief, focus, aging well, sleep, fitness and weight loss.

I coach men and women to feel younger by improving their relationships with food, movement and mindfulness.


Together we will create a safe space for your work towards the change you seek. I support your journey by asking questions to help you discover your own answers and solutions. We will investigate the stories and beliefs that are holding you back from your goals and dreams. As a team, we explore new clarity and the confidence to create concrete action steps forward.

Although my degrees in French Literature and Journalism hadn’t prepared me for it, I became a Human Potential coach, Certified Personal Trainer, Yoga Teacher, Nutritionist and Human Movement Specialist in addition to being a Certified Tiny Habits coach. I also am the founder of a yoga studio and understand the dynamics of small business ownership. Currently I hold an ICF (International Coaching Federation) ACC coach certification and regularly seek more training to continue my own self development.


An accomplished marathon and ultra-marathon runner, I was once the USATF Women’s 50K Trail champion. The cumulative stress to both body and mind took its toll and I vowed to learn to heal myself. I lean on what I have learned through my own experiences with strenuous physical training, family trauma, auto-immune, addiction and disordered eating in my coaching.